Pérsona Cosmetics was founded in 2016 by Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger Sona Gasparian of Simply Sona. With over ten years of artistry experience and a combined social following of one million she set on a journey to craft quality cosmetic products combining the voice of her vast audience and her knowledge of makeup.

Here is a short story of how it all started...

How it all started

My love for beauty began when I was a little girl spending countless hours watching my mom work in a salon. From then, I knew that I wanted to begin a career in beauty and I worked so hard to make that happen.  I’ve dreamed of starting my own makeup line since I could remember and I made sure to stay focused on my dreams.  After years of honing my skill as a makeup artist, I realized that social media offered me a powerful tool to connect with people around the world.

Platforms like YouTube gave me the ability to create intimate conversations with my audience, on a daily basis and find out exactly what they wanted from the beauty world. With my vision and their voice, I had the opportunity to start a makeup line that would help shape the new wave of beauty.

Our Experience

I made a lot of choices that led me to this point. I studied at MUD (Makeup Designory), and worked as a makeup artist for MAC before I decided to venture out on my own. I had so many unforgettable experiences working as a freelance artist. I’ve been a part of so many wedding days, I’ve contributed to films and editorials, and even got to work backstage during New York Fashion Week! I’m so thankful for all of this, because I got to learn about different skin types and tones, giving me the tools I needed to help ALL women feel beautiful.

The past four years have given me an opportunity to explore beauty in a way that the little girl in the salon couldn’t have dreamed of. I am so blessed that YouTube led me to all of you – you have supported me throughout so much, and I am forever thankful that through many of you, I can live out my dreams every day.  

But enough about me, let’s talk about KB’s role and how he is a part of Pérsona!

KB uses his background in engineering and the corporate world to manage and operate the development of  Pérsona makeup products. He brings the manufacturing know-how and helps with the business side of things.  Where I handle the creative side, he does a lot of the behind the scenes work, making sure that each product is exactly how we envision it. KB and I are entrepreneurial spirits at heart, so we look at this as an exciting new challenge!

Why pérsona?

By definition, per·so·na (noun) is the aspect of someone’s character that is perceived by others. The name Pérsona truly encapsulates what I believe makeup can do for women, and it so happens that it incorporates my name! How perfect is that?!